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  • Cloth Diapering: Why?

    Ryan and I use cloth diapers on Aila's little bottom.

    Everyone seems to freak out when I tell them this. First of all, let me say that they have come a long way from safety pins and plastic covers.

    For us, cloth diapering has been awesome.

    We orignally looked into it for the financial benefits, but soon began learning so much about health benefits for our baby girl and the environmental benefits for all of us. 

    Since our original reason to cloth diaper was for financial reasons, we bought our "stash" {the collection of diapers we have} from Alva Baby as recommended by a friend. Their website was... t e r r i b l e..., but they were incredibly inexpensive and have served us well so far. I found out that they are so affordable because they are "China diapers". Ughh. It makes sense now that they are $10 cheaper than many other diaper brands, likely because they aren't being made by a local mom who is sitting in air conditioning with a latte. Ryan and I ended up relieving our guilt by realizing sometimes you just have to pick and choose your battles. We could return our stash of 40 diapers and buy about 15 instead for the same price, or we could keep them and try to save the earth and love people in other ways. 

    We started cloth diapering when Aila was about 3 months old. We didn't want to deal with the 12 poops/day phase when we were just trying to figure it all out. We knew if we completely overwhelmed ourselves right from the start, the likelihood of us continuing to use cloth diaper would decrease. We had received a lot of disposable diapers at baby showers, so we just slowly transitioned into it. Looking back on it now, I think we did the right thing. We were so tired and we initially had to do a lot of trial and error to get our diapers clean! Because we now have a system, I think it will be fine to start at birth for any future Buttrey Babies.