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  • The Little Things

    The big is in the little. 

    It seems like this phrase has come to be a "big" theme in my life. Over and over I come back to it. When life seems monotonous, I remember it's the little things that make something bigger. 

    When I think I will never make an impact, I remember I impacted Aila...or Ryan today. 

    When I dream about being a chef or an artist or famous musician {and then get a little depressed that I am not, and likely will never be}, I remember that I made a crazy good dinner last night, I sent a personalized and unique 'Happy Birthday' card to my brother-in-law in the mail today, and {in the Lord's ears} I sang beautifully while doing both of those things.   

    I matter. I am gifted. I am free. 

    Even in my messiness and mistakes, I am experiencing life with people I love. I am living a full life... even if they are days full of little things.

    "He that is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much: and he that is unrighteous in a very little is unrighteous also in much."  Luke 16:10 ASV

    I think about this verse when I walk past a piece of trash on the sidewalk. It's like it is blaring in my ears: Who are you? Are you a person of integrity? Do you think the little acts of service matter? Does picking up this one piece of trash make a difference when there is litter everywhere on the sidewalks in this city? Does it matter? What will you do with it? Hold it in your hand until you get to a trashcan? It's dirty. Does it matter? Are you going to pick it up? 

    Usually, yes. Not always, but usually.

    I picture Him watching me. Asking me if I will be faithful in the little things. Can He trust me? Do I hear Him? Will I obey Him when He asks small things of me? Who am I and who do I want to be? His, faithful, a person of integrity, a person to be trusted?

    I want Him to trust me in the secret, in the dark, when no one else is looking. I want Him to see me as someone He can count on to do the dirty work, the silly things, the smallest things...the things that don't "matter". 

    I want to hear Him tell me to love an elderly person with no family.

    I want to hear Him if he says to affirm Ryan extra today.

    I want to hear Him if he says to pick up that piece of trash.

    The BIG is in the little. What if my small voice is the only voice someone hears today. What if my encouragement to Ryan is EXACTLY what he needed. What if little love notes to Aila in her lunch box a few years from now makes the difference between insecurity and a healthy self-image?

    How can he trust me tomorrow if I disregard His small voice today?

    And through doing this, paying attention, knowing my value in doing the little things each day, I can say I hear Him. I know what that small, still voice sounds like in my being. Oh, I definitely would love to hear it more, to recognize it sooner, to never miss what He is saying, ever...but I do experienced it.

    He is beautiful, consistent, affirming. He is never condescending, shameful or patronizing.

    "He that is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much..." Luke 16:10 ASV

    I pursue Him first and what He has called me to do and be. Love Him, love others, listen to Him, obey, be faithful--no matter what it looks like. 

    It is a joy to be faithful in the little things. And it is also a joy to look back at my life and see some of those "little things" were not little at all, but life-changing, people-impacting, monumental experiences with Him.