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  • Just show up and do the next right thing, even when you’re shaking.

    A TEDx talk was forwarded to me recently via email and with a 20 month-old baby running around, it took me weeks {with multiple tries} to listen to the first 10 minutes of it. But today, during Aila's nap, I was able to listen to the last seven minutes of it and it blew me away! I related to it so much--the pain in the journey as well as the result of the journey. Here it is: 

    “These days, I’m not a superhero and I’m not a perfect human being, but I am a fully human being and I am so proud of that. I am fortunately and frustratingly still exactly the same person as I was when I was 20, and 16, and 8 years old. I still feel scared all the time, anxious all the time, oily all the time. I still get very high and very low in life, daily. But I finally accepted the fact that sensitive is just how I was made, that I don’t have to hide it and and I don’t have to fix it; I’m not broken. And I’ve actually started to wonder if maybe you’re sensitive too. Maybe you feel great pain and deep joy, but you just don’t feel safe talking about it in the real world. And so now instead of trying to make myself tougher, I write and I serve people to help create a world where sensitive people don’t need superhero capes, where we can all just come out into the big, bright, messy world and tell the truth and forgive each other for being human. And admit together that, “yes, life is really hard”, but also insist that together we can do hard things. You know, maybe it’s okay to say, “actually, today I’m not fine”. Maybe it’s okay to remember that we’re human beings and to stop “doing” long enough to think and to love and to share and to listen…

    Life is beautiful and life is brutal; life is ‘brutiful’, all the time and every day. And only one thing has made the difference for me and that is this: I used to numb my feelings and hide and now I feel my feelings and I share. That’s the only difference in my life these days. I’m not afraid of my feelings anymore. I know they can come and they won’t kill me and they can take over for a little while, if they need to. But at the end of the day what they are is really just guides, they’re just guides to tell me what is the next right thing for me to do. Loneliness, it leads us to connection with other people. And jealous, it guides us to what we’re supposed to do next. And pain guides us to help other people. And being overwhelmed, it guides us to ask for help. And so I’ve learned that if I honor my feelings as my own personal profits and instead of running, I just be still, that there are prizes to be won and those prizes are peace, and dignity, and friendship.”

                                                                                  -Glennon Doyle, TEDx {emphasis mine}

    What do you think?