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  • New Print Time!

    I recently recieved a request for a new print-- a prayer by a very special person in my life. She delicately and very seriously pursues a balance between caring for herself, developing herself, valuing herself and caring for others, developing them and revealing to them their true value as well. It is refreshing to watch her become more herself every day and it is an amazing feeling to be on the recieving end of her healthy selflessness. I leave her presence feeling heard, affirmed, cherished and cared-for. And yet she admits when she needs time of refilling--whether that is a day of shopping, a day resting or a day in the presence solely of her Heavenly Father. The beauty of her ministry to others is not because she puts everyone before herself, but because she puts the Father before herself. Intimacy with God is her number one priority--over her husband, over her kids, over her career. She asked me to design this print for her because even though she does it so well already {she would never admit to that}, she needs the reminder to seek His strength, guidance and power to maintain the balance of caring for self and others every day. 

    Holy Spirit, may You help us all remain others-centered while we continue to become more fully ourselves!

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