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  • How We Store Baby Food

    My husband and I grew extra carrots and green beans in our garden this year knowing {hoping} that we would have an extra little mouth joining us at the table. We knew how to grow the food, but we had no idea how to store all of the extra produce when the season came to an end. After a little research, we found that preparing and freezing it seemed pretty easy and we had the freezer space in our extra freezer in our garage. 

    We didn't really want to go out and buy lots of new containers or silicone ice cube trays {we have two baby-sized ones from Ryan's bachelor days}, so I found a way to use what we already had! At first I used those two silicone ice cube trays, but then before I knew it, she started eating about four of those in one setting. I upgraded to muffin tins and then to the extra-large muffin tins!

    1. Prepare food, whether it is puréed or leftovers from your meal and scoop into muffin pan.
    2. Refridgerate it for approximately an hour {the slow chilling reduces ice crystals to form on top}.
    3. Place in the freezer until frozen through--maybe a few hours!?
    4. Take pan out of freezer and let it sit on the countertop for 10 minutes--after sitting, they easily pop right out.
    5. Place as many blocks of food into a gallon freezer bag as will fit! 

    Then, as needed, I lay out a few blocks in the morning to thaw, throw a few blocks in a glass container to take with us on the go, or place a block in a small bowl and place bowl in hot water to thaw more quickly. Voila! It really is a pretty easy system and so far we haven't had to buy any jarred baby food for her. 

    How do you store your baby's homemade baby food?

  • Food Rut.

    Ryan and I have been in a food rut.

    And I realized it was pouring over into Aila's diet as well. So for the last few days, I've been searching for recipes – for us and Aila.

    Aila is in what we call stage two foods now. Stage two foods include chunkier foods, spices, soft finger foods and meats. Up until now we have given her mostly just puréed fruits and vegetables. I have heard about and have done a little research on baby-led-weaning, but I just wasn't up for the worry and mess. Life has just been busy lately, and I am learning to pick and choose my battles. Puréeing it is.

    So my focus this week has been finding more recipes for Ryan I and Aila as well. I haven't found a whole lot of keepers for Ryan or me, but I've made some for Aila that she really likes. Yesterday I made a purple potato and plum mash and today I roasted some acorn squash for the first time. They are crazy simple and you may have already made these or variations of before, but they were new to me!

    Check out the recipes on my recipes page or simply click on the name titles. Enjoy!