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  • Food Rut.

    Ryan and I have been in a food rut.

    And I realized it was pouring over into Aila's diet as well. So for the last few days, I've been searching for recipes – for us and Aila.

    Aila is in what we call stage two foods now. Stage two foods include chunkier foods, spices, soft finger foods and meats. Up until now we have given her mostly just puréed fruits and vegetables. I have heard about and have done a little research on baby-led-weaning, but I just wasn't up for the worry and mess. Life has just been busy lately, and I am learning to pick and choose my battles. Puréeing it is.

    So my focus this week has been finding more recipes for Ryan I and Aila as well. I haven't found a whole lot of keepers for Ryan or me, but I've made some for Aila that she really likes. Yesterday I made a purple potato and plum mash and today I roasted some acorn squash for the first time. They are crazy simple and you may have already made these or variations of before, but they were new to me!

    Check out the recipes on my recipes page or simply click on the name titles. Enjoy!