Welcome to my list of growing favorite recipes! Let me tell you a little bit of my story.

I have a passion for health and wellness! The Lord stirred that passion in me in my last year of college, just as I met my future husband, Ryan.

Now that I am thinking about that, Lord, maybe if You had introduced that passion when I *entered* college instead, then maybe I wouldn't have gained so much weight *in* college...!!?

But that's okay, it was all a part of His plan. You'll see.

Ryan saw me cut out dairy completely from my diet, exercise at a local Curves for women and lose 30 pounds over about...well, I don't remember how many months. It was awesome, though. After I got down to my goal weight, I continued to exercise regularly and I did reintroduced some dairy {never really went back to drinking milk, but did resume adding cheese to tacos and using dairy butter instead of vegetable butter--those kind of things}. Since then, I have maintained my goal weight {excluding the whole having a baby months} and have been VERY intrigued by the way our bodies process what we feed it. With a degree in nursing, I get nerdy-excited about things like the pathophysiology of diabetes and how to prepare food so that our bodies can utilize it in the healthiest way possible.

However, I do allow myself to be balanced. I understand a chocolate chip cookie may have close-to-zero positive nutritional value and yet occasionally I'll eat several. I also know that there are "super easy, healthy, super tasty ways to make a chocolate chip cookie that taste JUST like a non-healthy ones", but yet sometimes I just don't want to make them that way. I thoroughly enjoy a fruit salad, but I also love skittles! Finally, I long to know more and more about nutrition and wellness, but I also choose to splurge and relax a small percentage of the time as well. 

Ryan and I are currently in the first week of a no-wheat, no-dairy lifestyle, for various reasons as directed by our physician. Yayyt...{a "t" a the end of any Buttrey sentence means... nope, just kidding!}. We are also in the process of educating outselves on the possible dangers of modern-day grains too. On a normal basis, we try to limit our grain intake, choose high-quality, grass-fed meats and steer towards vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds. So the recipes I share on this page are a hod-podge--some vegan, some grain-free, some meat-based! I recognize not everyone is on our same food journey.  

The recipes may be a little scarce of reader-friendly content, but as I physically make each recipe again, I will add pictures in key steps to help when YOU make it. Feel free to ask questions, add comments, or share my links with your friends. 

Thanks for joining me on my food journey!